World's Top 2% Scientists

Based on Stanford and Elsevier Data

Stanford-Elsevier Ranking of Top 2% Top-cited Researchers 

Stanford University's list of "World's Top 2%" scientists is based on a 2% or above percentile rank,
or the top 100,000 by c-score (with and without self-citations). This prestigious list identifies the world's leading researchers, representing approximately 2% of all scientists worldwide. It encompasses standardised data on citations, h-index, and a wide range of bibliometric indicators. Researchers are classified into 22 scientific fields and 174 sub-fields, drawing from Scopus data provided by Elsevier through ICSR Lab.

Top 100 from the 2023 list
Rank Author Institute Country
Rank Author Institute Country
1 Wang, Zhong Lin Chinese Academy of Sciences chn
2 Kresse, Georg Universität Wien aut
3 Bengio, Yoshua Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms can
4 Bandura, Albert Stanford University usa
5 Mirjalili, Seyedali Yonsei University kor
6 Altman, Douglas G. University of Oxford Medical Sciences Division gbr
7 Hinton, Geoffrey Google LLC usa
8 Grimme, Stefan Universität Bonn deu
9 Girshick, Ross FAIR usa
10 Ioannidis, John Pa Stanford University School of Medicine usa
11 Friston, Karl Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging gbr
12 Kessler, Ronald C. Harvard Medical School usa
13 Moher, David Ottawa Hospital Research Institute can
14 Ajzen, Icek University of Massachusetts Amherst usa
15 Newman, M. E.J. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor usa
16 Perdew, John P. Temple University usa
17 Higgins, Julian P.T. Bristol Medical School gbr
18 McClements, David Julian University of Massachusetts Amherst usa
19 Breiman, Leo University of California, Berkeley usa
20 Grätzel, Michael Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne che
21 Zadeh, Lotfi A. University of California, Berkeley usa
22 Ryan, Richard M. Australian Catholic University aus
23 Austin, Peter C. Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences can
24 Gross, James J. Stanford University usa
25 Li, Heng Harvard Medical School usa
26 Lal, Rattan The Ohio State University usa
27 Gogotsi, Yury Drexel University usa
28 Diener, Ed The University of Utah usa
29 Becke, Axel D. Dalhousie University can
30 Goodenough, John B. The University of Texas at Austin usa
31 Clevers, Hans Hubrecht Institute for Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Research - KNAW nld
32 McEwen, Bruce S. Rockefeller University usa
33 Hu, Frank B. Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health usa
34 Semenza, Gregg L. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine usa
35 Schmidhuber, Jürgen King Abdullah University of Science and Technology sau
36 Libby, Peter Harvard Medical School usa
37 Bartel, David P. Howard Hughes Medical Institute usa
38 Manthiram, Arumugam The University of Texas at Austin usa
39 Bakker, Arnold B. Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam nld
40 Geim, Andre K. The University of Manchester gbr
41 Teece, David Haas School of Business usa
42 Ostrom, Elinor Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA)  
43 Zhu, Jian Kang Southern University of Science and Technology chn
44 Rubin, Donald B. Tsinghua University chn
45 Willett, Walter C. Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health usa
46 Ridker, Paul M. Harvard Medical School usa
47 Witten, Edward Institute for Advanced Study usa
48 Neese, Frank Max Planck Institute for Coal Research deu
49 Kroemer, Guido Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers fra
50 Murray, Christopher J.L. University of Washington usa
51 Edgar, Robert C. Independent Researcher usa
52 Novoselov, Kostya S. National University of Singapore sgp
53 Pesaran, M. Hashem University of Southern California usa
54 Yang, Xin She Middlesex University gbr
55 Sheldrick, George M. Georg-August-Universität Göttingen deu
56 Whitesides, George M. Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences usa
57 Friedman, Jerome H. Stanford Law School usa
58 Tilman, David University of Minnesota Twin Cities usa
59 Smith, Stephen University of Oxford Medical Sciences Division gbr
60 Jain, Rakesh K. Harvard Medical School usa
61 LeCun, Yann New York University usa
62 Petersen, Ronald C. Mayo Clinic usa
63 Venkatesh, Viswanath Virginia Tech, Pamplin College of Business usa
64 Baumeister, Roy F. The University of Queensland aus
65 Acemoglu, Daron Massachusetts Institute of Technology usa
66 Deci, Edward L. University of Rochester usa
67 Cohen, Jacob New York University usa
68 Kalluri, Raghu The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center usa
69 Tibshirani, Robert Stanford University usa
70 Fredrickson, Barbara L. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill usa
71 Yaghi, Omar M. University of California, Berkeley usa
72 Langer, Robert Massachusetts Institute of Technology usa
73 Nørskov, Jens K. Technical University of Denmark dnk
74 Wishart, David S. University of Alberta can
75 Gelman, Andrew Columbia University usa
76 Barabási, Albert László Northeastern University usa
77 Guyatt, Gordon McMaster University can
78 Mizushima, Noboru Graduate School of Medicine jpn
79 Fierer, Noah University of Colorado Boulder usa
80 Wang, Joseph Department of NanoEngineering usa
81 Bray, Freddie Centre international de Recherche sur le Cancer fra
82 Karin, Michael UC San Diego School of Medicine usa
83 Hamblin, Michael R. University of Johannesburg zaf
84 Schaufeli, Wilmar B. Universiteit Utrecht nld
85 Yager, Ronald R. Machine Intelligence Institute usa
86 Sovacool, Benjamin K. Boston University usa
87 Medzhitov, Ruslan Yale School of Medicine usa
88 Snaith, Henry J. University of Oxford gbr
89 Williams, David Rudyard Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health usa
90 Calder, Philip C. University of Southampton, Faculty of Medicine gbr
91 He, Jihuan Soochow University chn
92 Hanahan, Douglas Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Lausanne che
93 Corma, Avelino CSIC-UPV - Instituto de Tecnología Química (ITQ) esp
94 Green, Martin A. UNSW Sydney aus
95 Barnes, Peter J. National Heart and Lung Institute gbr
96 Donoho, David Stanford University usa
97 Geels, Frank W. The University of Manchester gbr
98 Packer, Milton Baylor Jack and Jane Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital usa
99 Deb, Kalyanmoy Michigan State University usa
100 Marmot, Michael University College London gbr

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